Now when the City of Tampere turns 220 years, about it's history has been made an internet publication, which tells how Tampere has developed by the rapids of Tammerkoski and how it has been able to get power from the rapids. The history of the city has been divided into seven thematic entities, in which each theme is briefly presented.

Each theme has been divided into periods; at the first stage to years 1918 - 1940. The Department of History at the University of Tampere produces the periodical pages. The work is done partly by researchers and teachers and partly by students.

On the net publication there are statistics, publications that have been changed to www-form and other document material. In addition to this, links to www-pages which already exist on the net and are related to the history of Tampere have been collected to this history site.

An essential part of this wholeness is forming "the Local history -net community of Tampere" and a "Digital tradition bank of the inhabitants of the municipality". With the help of questionnaires, free-form and drawn up by the researchers, a chance to connect peoples memories to the history of Tampere is provided to everybody.

It is hoped that people will become inspired by the history of their home town with the tradition bank in which case they themselves will create their own local past again. The accessibility of the Tampere history through internet guarantees an equal opportunity for remembering to every person.