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Matliisa Jansson-Lehtinen and Tiina Tuulasvaara-Kaleva

In this century, Pirkanmaa is known as one of the key areas in our country's literary life. The basis for the interest in reading and writing lay in the initiatives of Finnish-speaking factory owners and the education movement inside Tampere factories; three larger factories had their own libraries. In the reading rooms everyone could get information from newspapers and factual books or to enjoy the tales of world literature. The city library established its position in 1877, and Tampere Workers' Association also had a reading room of its own. The city of factories was often described without romance in the writings; literature idealised the countryside.

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After the Second World War prosaists and lyricists from Tampere took their positions in the front ranks of Finnish writers. The oldest provincial society, Pirkkalaiskirjailijat, was founded in 1943. Modernist poetry reared its head strongly in the capital in the 1950s, but Tampere poets preferred sticking to the more traditional, socially tinged realism.

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